Asiatic Fathers of America Contents

Chapter 1 Fu Sang
Chapter 2 A Discussion  of the Shan Hai Jing
Chapter 3 The Strait Facts - They Came by Sea
Chapter 4 Harris Finds a Map
Chapter 5 The Significance of the "Everything Under Heaven" Map
Chapter 6 Chinese Map Making
Chapter 7 Mysteries of the Grand Canyon
Chapter 8 Astronomers and Observatories in Fu Sang
Chapter 9 The Government Commission of Hsi and Ho
Chapter 10 Chinese Inventions
Chapter 11 Others Were Involved in Fu Sang
Chapter 12 Further Proofs of Early Asian Relationships in Fu Sang
Chapter 13 The Indians
Chapter 14 Head Alterations in the Old World and
the New
Chapter 15 Official Chinese Records of the Fu Sang Reformation (458-498 A.D.)
Chapter 16 Some Problems of the Asian Impact on America
Addendum 1 About the Author
Addendum 2 English Translation of Sections of
Shan Hai Jing
Addendum 3 Bibliography

Asiatic Fathers of America

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Harris Finds a Map 

In August of 1972 I found it necessary to pass through Seoul, Korea.  Rising in the morning, I thought I would use my time by visiting antique shops.  In a swift reconnaissance mission I swept through about 25 establishments and was about to return to my hotel…when I entered one last place.   I asked the proprietor if he had any books or pictures.  He replied: “Would you be interested in a book of old maps?"  

When I opened the book I noticed it contained many ancient cartographic sketchesThere was also a very strange-looking map of Japan that must have been made at an extraordinarily early date. And then…I opened the last map…and had to control myself, to keep from trembling.  It was very old and unusual.  “Everything under Heaven” was the title.  It was terribly odd.  China and Korea took up the center of the world.  North of Japan Asia arched round to Alaska.  Down the North American coast it was marked “Fu Sang.” 

I became weak.  I was forced to sit down… 


We have proof that the Chinese discovered and colonized America thousands of years before the Europeans’ arrival. 

Approximately 4200 years ago after a great flood, the Chinese had lost their sense of direction.  Therefore, the Emperor found it necessary to send his astronomer Yu to survey the earth, and reestablish the four directions.  Yu sent Prince Y across the great eastern ocean, to the land of Fu Sang--literally “land to the east" (the ancient American continents).  Prince Y and Yu determined the boundaries of America and other places and afterwards wrote the Shan Hai Jing. 

The Shan Hai Jing (Book of Mountains and Seas) is the world‘s oldest geography. It tells us of many countries in the ancient Americas.  There are reports that Emperor Hwang Ti (2640 B.C.) probably had sent expeditions or colonies to America. However, we can be certain that Chinese were in the Americas by around 2250 B.C. 

I have found a map which confirms the 4200 year old account of the Shan Hai Jing.  In fact, there are at least thirty similar old round maps in existence, which vindicate and corroborate the report of the Shan Hai Jing.  These world maps, of ancient origin, are in America, England, France, China, Korea, Japan, and in other countries.  The Shan Hai Jing told of at least ten countries in America; which are found on my map -the Harris Fu Sang map- and on the maps of similar origin which came from the original Shan Hai Jing map. 

Proofs that “America” is Fu Sang and the fathers of the Fu Sang people are Chinese are these: 

1. The Record of the Shan Hai Jing- which describes the people, geography, and the animals.

2. The Record of the ancient Chinese commentaries on the Shan Hai Jing. The dates of these commentaries validate the age of the Shan Hai Jing.

3. The witness of the American Indians and their traditions and language.

4. The record of those scientists who have studied the blood and physical characteristics of the Chinese “Indian” tribes of North and South America

5. The ancient round world maps which were previously misunderstood but which we now explain.

7. The Chinese Court Record (Kuen 327) in 501 A.D. telling of a trip originating in 458 A.D.  to Fu Sang 

The means that the Chinese arrived in the Americas both in 2200 B.C. and 458 A.D. was by boat. It is the purpose of this book to give sufficient proof of the realities of these amazing matters.  The final result of these revolutionary discoveries will be the greater glory of China, East India, Japan, and Korea and a new respect for and the appreciation of the Indians of North, Central, and South America. 

The material of this book is the result of a life-time of effort.  I have been around the world ten times.  In India I sought information and in Pakistan and Bangladesh.  In Hong Kong and Taiwan I looked for maps and proofs.  I went to the British museum and traveled to Berlin to question the Germans. 

From the time I was a boy in China until now I have collected information.  In Holland, in Sumatra, in Macao, in Mexico I was searching…searching…searching.  At Long Beach, California and in Seoul, Korea I received the greatest answers to my quest. 

I am writing these lines in Taipei at the house of a Chinese friend.  I am no longer young, and old age does not any more seem a far-away time. I am grateful to those who loved and aided me, and to the great God of the heavens, without whose guidance all efforts would have been in vain. 

It is my desire that as you consider the lovely long ago morning of Fu Sang, your soul be stirred with a new appreciation of the beauty of life and the innate possibilities of men…that you will hear the music of Man’s aspirations, deep in your spirit…and catch a glimpse of the excellent countenance of God. 

I hope you will have a more sympathetic awareness of men of other persuasions and be drawn to the True Historian who works all thing after His will.

Hendon M. Harris

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