New World Secrets on Ancient Asian Maps

New World Secrets on Ancient Asian Maps explains the historical setting and many interesting details including love notes, internationally volatile data, and state secrets found on the maps in the Harris collection. This book contains numerous “bomb shells” such as the revelation that currently the oldest positively dated map of the Ch’onhado/Tian Xia style is in a Chinese book, not Korean, as previously supposed. Other “bombshells” include a sequoia tree (native to America) depicted as the “Fu Sang Tree” on the American coastline and also details on the world map that speak to current global warming.

Though the Harris Maps themselves are in seven Korean atlases of various ages thought to be from the 15th through 19th centuries, the author demonstrates that most Asian maps of that era descended from Chinese maps.

A third century Chinese text mentioned an incident in the 18th century BC involving a world map of this style. The source document for the world map is from 2000 BC. That source document discussed in accurate detail a beautiful land (Fu Sang) to the east of China. The map shows Fu Sang on the American coastline.

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New World Secrets on Ancient Asian Maps references all the maps in the Harris atlases including a map of Japan which is a copy of the earliest complete printed map of Japan known to exist. In the Harris collection is also a fascinating map of Okinawa which was reportedly only used from 1471 to 1521.

The more modern 1602 Ricci Chinese world map reached Korea in 1603, and yet Koreans through the 19th century continued to revere the strange, round Ch’onhado world maps found in the Harris Collection. In an era when modern Western thought was encroaching on Asia, Chinese and Japanese progressed to more modern maps, but Koreans preferred isolation and antique maps. Subsequently this helped to preserve these copies.

New World Secrets on Ancient Asian Maps is the sequel to Secret Maps of the Ancient World. If you have not yet read Secret Maps of the Ancient World, we suggest that you read that book first.

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